Mike Doherty

Mike Doherty

Owner / Head Instructor

Weight Class: 165LB – Height 6′

Competitive Accomplishments:

  • 2016 Destiny Cup Muay Thai 165 lbs Champion
  • 2015 Tri-City WKF Muay Thai 165 lbs Champion
  • 2015 Mattawa 4-Man K1 Tournament 165 lbs Champion
  • 2011 CASK Canadian National 155 lbs Champion
  • 2010 WKA Canadian National Kickboxing 165 lbs Champion
  • Competed in organizations such as Friday Night Fights, Muay Thai Ontario, World Kickboxing Federation and Council of Amateur Sport Kickboxing.
  • Over 30 amateur bouts
  • Fastest KO- 40 Seconds in the 1st round

Qualifications: •MTO, WKF, CASK and QATBF certified coach •Emergency First Aid and CPR training •Purple Pra Jiad certification •S.M.A.R.T. street defence and Edge Weapon Defence tactics certified •Years of teaching experience of a variety of clients •Big Brothers and Big Sisters mentor as well as elementary school class mentor •Police Foundations Graduate •Volunteer for Kids N Kops program •Teach classes for LOFT Downtown and Get Real youth program

Brief Biography: From day one I have always wanted to help people in need. My personal goal when I started Dohjo Muay Thai is to create Champions in the ring but more importantly in all aspects of life.

When I was young I was always fascinated with super heros and helping people/animals. I just didn’t know how I would do that yet. I was always into fighting. Shawn Michaels, a wrestler in the WWF, sweet chin music move was my signature move on trampoline royal rumbles. Anyways, I think my combat journey all started when my Dad bought me my first set of boxing gloves when I was probably around 5 years old. I wanted to try out competitive fighting in a ring after I saw a local boxing show put on by Kerry Hendren owner of the Scrapyard Boxing. I started really training when I went out to Warriors Muay Thai gym (which took me 2 months of contemplation because I was so nervous) in 2008, and I haven’t stopped! The main reason as to why I compete and own my own gym is that it gives me a purpose. It allows me help people in the way that I know best through teaching. A purpose is something everyone needs to be happy and it may not be Muay Thai but Muay Thai CAN help you get there. I am hoping that Muay Thai will touch other members at Dohjo Muay Thai the way it did to me.

I originally started Muay Thai because I wanted to fight. But I now continue Muay Thai because I enjoy competing still, it gives me purpose and it allows me to help others concur their fears in life mentally and physically. The first step is asking yourself if you’re ready to make a change. In closing I will leave you with a thought. Taking a risk of being scrutinized for “sucking” was the second best thing that I have ever done. Making the mindset shift, the decision to make a change and develop myself was the best decision I have made in my life. My goal with Dohjo Muay Thai is, to provide a positive atmosphere for people to train Muay Thai to better their lives physically as well as mentally. I hope you ALL hold me accountable to this goal!

Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown

Assistant Lead Instructor

Weight Class: 175LB – Height 6’2″

Competitive Accomplishments:

  • 2017 Muaythai Ontario Provincial 178 lbs Champion
  • 2017 Best Male Athlete of the Muaythai Ontario Provincials
  • 2012 Eastern Canadian CASK 175 lbs Champion
  • 2010 CASK Provincial 175 lbs Champion
  • Anna Graham (Shearer)

    Anna Graham (Shearer)

    Professional Competitive Member and Kickboxing Instructor

    Weight Class: 125LB – Height 5’4″

    Competitive Accomplishments:

  • Over 50 fights in light contact, full contact, muay thai and low kick disciplines.
  • 2 National and Provincial titles
  • 2 world Silvers medals
  • 1 World Gold in full contact kickboxing
  • Pro record of 3-3
  • Fought on the Glory 12 and Glory 33 cards
  • Brief Biography: I have competed for 14 years and continue to grow as an athlete and a coach. I have am a certified CASK coach as well as a full time nurse. I fully enjoy teaching and coaching as much as competing as I find it fulfilling to watch athletes grow, improve and gain self confidence in all aspects of their lives.

    Bob Pearson

    Bob Pearson

    Amateur Competitive Member

    Weight Class: 165LB – Height 5’11”

    Brief Biography: I was origionally introduced to the martial arts by my father. He practiced Karate and Shaolin and told me, from a young age, that they were important to your spirit and health. I quickly became interested in them and the different styles and advantages mentally and physically to practicing them. I originally started in Karate and have ended up practicing Muay Thai. My reasoning for the change is, in my opinion, that it allows one to use more tools in the ring and is a bit more of an open striking sport/art. I personally have found that aswell as enjoying the health benefits of better reflexes, more strength and better cardio, that there is many mental benefits aswell. For me, a much calmer demeanor, the ability to try harder/be more thurough at whatever may trouble me in life or at work aswell as confidence, level headedness and humbleness. For me these outweigh the physical benefits. I believe the martial arts are a very thorough and important way to keep your mind and body sharp, healthy and in balance.


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